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19 June, 2016 Our Community

Traditionally copier buyers have relied solely on a sales rep or worse yet the dreaded sales rep/manager duo.   I am very well aware of this strategy because I was on that side of the table for 15 years.  No more!!  During those years it became very clear the buyer simply wanted to be appropriately educated, communicated with and quickly wanted to move away from this acquisition project asap!  Let’s face it companies hate it when the copier sales rep frustrates the buying in any way!

Hire us to gain:

  • More print industry knowledge than IT, Facilities and Material Managment
  • Internal copier channel insight – the “right” due diligence
  • Compliment your process – you remain in control
  • Educate on what the copier sales strategies are and what to avoid
  • Raw cost discoveries and how leasing really works for the seller
  • Timely fact finding from appropriate vendors
  • Independent buyer coaching – you know your culture best
  • How the 80/20 rule applies and why the 20% is unknown to the buyer
  • Learn why selling vendor channel likes this business
  • Tips on “right sizing” and what that really means
  • Cost creep avoidance measures
  • Negotiations resulting in reduced spend

Quit spending unnecessarily!  Contact us immediately for a complimentary discussion and review of your contracts!

Email me at al@copierconsultingllc.com