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Why Copier Consulting?

We hope you will consider hiring us a your independent and vendor-neutral assistant.  We have a lot of copier industry insight that can save you 10s of $1,000’s more than you need to pay!  You can enjoy printer savings through our process!

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Copier Consulting, LLC™ has over 27+ years combined experience in selling and buying copiers & printers.  We’re an independent “cost containment” expense reduction consulting company.  Our proprietary process will collaborate with you on your your needs and provide printer industry education.

Together we’ll improve your vendor contract(s), eliminate wasted spend while reducing costs.  Additionally, we’ll save you time when researching and acquiring your best options all without sacrificing user needs.

We do not sell or service copiers, desktop printers, All-In-Ones (AIOs) or multi-functional copier/printers/devices (MFPs or MFDs).  Rather we’ll take the lead, simply work with you (do the heavy lifting stuff) and guide you throughout the vendor negotiation process.

We will detail the facts, formulas and hidden opportunities found within the seller’s contracts and demonstrate how to negotiate leases, maintenance rates and provide the necessary questions to ask in your Request For Proposals (RFPs). Never leave this up to the sales rep!

*Tip – these RFP questions are critical!

Having us “sit on your side of the table” by providing training on how to negotiate copier leases will result in a transparent copier lease comparison.  Our copier guide will disclose what the printer vendors do NOT want you to know!

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    Church & School Testimonials

    …without Al’s assistance we would be stuck with a machine we would not need and still paying thousands of dollars for it….I am very grateful for all that Al has done for St. Mary’s.  He was so helpful and easy to work with and offered us hope (with real results!) when we thought there was none.


    Father John Blewett


    St. Mary Parish Platteville, Wisconsin

    The City of Beaver Dam partnered with Al Kietzmann from Copier Consulting, LLC an independent and vendor-neutral consulting company to coordinate a new copier/printer acquisition for 6 of our departments in 2019.  This engagement included numerous devices.

    Mr. Kietzmann worked directly with our department leaders and together improved our vendor agreements, discovered waste within our current lease contracts and reduced the totality of our new spend by 38%! (saving the City nearly $80,000)

    Overall Mr. Kietzmann’s industry expertise made this project easy for us while delivering significant savings to our municipality.  If you are the least bit interested in reducing expenses for the tax payer, I would recommend partnering with Copier Consulting, LLC to reevaluate your current contracts and new lease or copier/printer acquisitions.

    Please feel free to contact me with questions.


    Mayor Becky Glewen


    920-887-4600  x-398

    38% Saved! City of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin