Al KietzmannCopier/Printer MFP Consultant


Since 2010 Copier Consulting, LLC™ has saved our clients over $2,000,000 dollars!

With a belief that copier lease contracts are written for the seller’s advantage and control (asymmetric information) we want to thank you for taking a moment to learn about a very unique opportunity for the copier and printer buyer.

Copier Consulting’s President & Founder, Al Kietzmann is a former copier sales rep with 15+ years in the dealer channel.  That copier industry insight has been shared with copier buyer’s nationally for over 12 years to coach, guide, educate and empower the copier/printer buyer.

During the last 27+ years Copier Consulting, LLC­™ has immersed itself within the unregulated office equipment industry and exists to share that knowledge with the copier buyer!

 Chicago hospital leased 24 copiers and saved 22% on a 48 month lease!

 South Carolina medical facility saved $456,000+ or 44% on 59 copiers and 399 desktop devices!

Bowling center reduced their 60 month lease by a total of $14,000+ on 1 – 35ppm color copier!

Private School Saved $99,000!

Churches & Schools Saved $15,000$45,000!

Print Manufacturer Saved $75,000!

CPA Firm Saved $19,000+ on 1 copier!

Community Theatre Saved $18,000+

Municipalities Saved $7,000$120,000+

                 Other organizations saved anywhere from $1,800 – $29,000 on one machine!


Many organizations discover their current costs, printer vendor formulas, errors & omissions and contract options through our service! We take into serious consideration the EQ (emotional quotient). Our role is to compliment the buyers by empowering and emboldening them.

This experience saves buyers time researching office equipment solutions and your organization money when it comes to assessing and acquiring your copiers and printers.

Copier Consulting’s vision is to be the ultimate resource for organizations that seek simple, unbiased and independent information on in-house copier and printing service providers. We do this by collecting current market pricing and conducting significant industry research.

Buyers often do not have the time or industry background to perform this task effectively & efficiently.  Sellers are not required or regulated to fully disclose or be as transparent as one might prefer.

As mentioned above we often discover lease contracts are written to the seller’s advantage.  Buyer’s can now leverage our experience to control their contract(s) and costs!

It seems everyone is doing more than ever before.   We invite you to consider Copier Consulting, LLC™ as a valuable outsourcing resource. Your work and our background provide a significant knowledge base and insight for us to collaborate when seeking timely information to decide what office equipment and printing solutions are most suitable for your office environment.

Our overall efforts are to partner with the buyer to reduce spend, maximize efficiencies and increase productivity on your office equipment through appropriate assessment, evaluation and acquisition as an independent & vendor agnostic consultant.

Thank you! We look forward to talking with you and learning more about your businesses copier and print management plan!


Our initial conversation is usually no longer than: 15 minutes.  Fees are discussed at this time.