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Is it time to replace your copier?

Is It Time To Replace Your Copier?

8 July, 2022 Copier and Printer

Many businesses understand that a good photocopier is essential in many offices. It becomes the most popular asset right before a big meeting. However, like all technology, things can happen to your copy machine. Do you know when it’s time to put your copier to rest and contact Copier Consulting, LLC™ to learn about your options? When is it a good time to replace your copier?

Updating Security

If you have secured your copier, you may not have the newest security available. Information in your company that gets transferred between your computer network and your copier might be confidential. Newer copiers have the latest protocols installed to keep data safe, while your older copier may not. Security should be the #1 important reason to consider updating your copy machine to a newer model. You don’t want to put your entire business at risk.

Obtaining Parts

Replacement parts for copy machines are generally available for many years after the final product leaves the production room floor. Once it becomes more difficult and expensive to repair, your servicing dealer might send a sales rep to pre-maturely upgrade your copier and contract even though it may not be necessary or appropriate for your budget. It is always important to negotiate best in class rates both short and long term.

Rising Costs

Older copy machines tend to have a higher cost per copy  An increase in toner replacement could indicate other issues. Fading ink, paper jams, or odd sounds and noises can mean a call to the repair representative with dollars you likely have already been obligated to pay the dealer in your maintenance contract.

Newer copiers consume less energy and use fewer consumables. They create less waste and have much lower power consumption while being more cost-effective. If your copy machine suffers from one of these categories, it could be time to start looking into a change. Contact Copier Consulting, LLC™ today at
 info@copierconsultingllc.com and let us help you find the best option for your business needs!


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