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Frequently Asked Questions For The Copier Buyer

Frequently Asked Questions For All Copier Buyers

27 June, 2022 Copier and Printer

Frequently Asked Questions For All Copier Buyers

Acquiring a copy machine is a significant decision to make. You shouldn’t just pick the first model you see because you might end up with a copier that doesn’t fit your needs! Determine the features that are important to you. Do you know what questions to ask the sales rep? Review the following frequently asked questions for all copier buyers. If you find that you still have questions and need help, contact Copier Consulting, LLC™ at info@copierconsultingllc.com and we will be more thank happy to assist you with your copier buying needs.

Does the copier come with a maintenance package?

Do not assume copiers automatically come with a maintenance package. There is a warranty on new machines but don’t confuse this with a maintenance package. Keep your copier running like new for a long time; consider adding a maintenance package while ensuring the vendor discloses longevity metrics like duty cycles and preventative maintenance schedules.

When should you get a copier?

Consider completing a cost analysis before signing on any dotted line. If you have a high print demand and need to purchase ink and toner often, you might consider making a copier purchase or lease.

Can the machine print in color?

What is better, a color copier or a black and white model? Will you need to make color copies? If yes, consider the cost of toner and the number of copies you need to make regularly. If your budget is tight and you don’t make color copies often, consider a black and white copier unit and outsource the color projects.

What is the difference between leasing and buying a copier machine?

Consider your business’s long-term needs when buying or leasing a copier machine. Purchasing a copier machine is considered a long-term investment and can be pretty costly. Leasing will provide payments tailored to fit your budget over a more extended period, and maintenance included. While you don’t own the machine, you could benefit from upgrading to a newer model at the end of the lease term, however you may owe money is the form of hidden residuals. If you decide to lease, pay attention to the agreement you are about to sign. There is a financing formula, do you know it? Consider what may happen if you need to make changes or leave your contract early.

What do I need to consider for maximum productivity?

Do you want a copier that doubles as a printer? Will it require the ability to scan in color? Is the machine wireless? We are passionate about you, the copier buyer. Knowing the original loan amount is a critical piece of the leasing puzzle. Compare lease vs . outright purchase or alternate financing options fairly. Need help? Let Copier Consulting, LLC™ assist you with your copier buying contract needs. Contact us at info@copierconsultingllc.com today!

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