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26 October, 2020 Our Community

Why voting is so critical today now more than ever!

I realize you could easily be wondering why a copier consultant would be blogging about voting, the outdoors and other information but it is so important these days.   More facts in the link below…

As you will read in the attached from On Wisconsin Outdoors editor Dick Ellis you will find a letter penned to his daughter sharing their family’s story about how they were so emotionally impacted by WWII.  We all should be thankful he has the courage to share his story and experiences!


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On Wisconsin Outdoors. Final


I’d like to share that my father was in WWII.  Private 1st Class Kenneth E. Kietzmann, 1st Calvary U.S. Army was at the Battle of Luzon.  He was in the Pacific Theatre from 1944-1946.

My father was the youngest of 7 children and was raised in Randolph, WI.  He was in church at Frieden’s Ev. Lutheran Church on December 7th, 1941.   No one really knew what that meant for so many.

Dad was honorably discharged and did not receive any wounds in action.  I’m told much if not all his military records were destroyed in a 1973 fire at the records facility in St. Louis.  Not all families were as fortunate.  My father went on to owning his own small business.  His work ethic and core values are my inspiration.

My hope is that you will read Dick Ellis’s account of his family’s loss, tragedy and homage.  As I read through his letter to his daughter I recalled stories from my late father on the high value placed on duty, honor and country.

We owe so much to these patriotic families!  We cannot and never ever should forget those loved ones who fought and died for our freedoms.

I am in business today, a small business because of these heroes!  My dad, family and other families spared their children to fight for all the freedoms we enjoy today.  We can never lose sight of that fact. Never.

Please read through Dick’s research on the attached .pdf.  It is educational and informative.  After reading through it I wish more data like this was available to every American.

Thank you Dick for sharing your family story with so many of us.  Maybe you would like to thank him yourself.  I’m sure he won’t mind – ellis@onwisconsinoutdoors.com

May God continue to bless you, your families and the entire United States of America!