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Real Hope Community Church

22 July, 2019

I know a lot about working different copiers but know nothing about leasing or all of the terms and conditions, “hidden” costs, etc. or even who to trust. Al knows all of the ins and outs of these companies and was able to discuss details with them all. I provided him with our costs and terms of our lease of the copier we had and he did all of the hard stuff. Al was able to communicate with companies and figure out, based on our needs, what type of copier we would need. He was able to find for us a new copier that was a little bigger, almost twice as fast and we are saving money.

In addition to saving the church money over the lease of the copier, it also saved time! I did not need to spend large amounts of my time interacting with sales reps or companies trying to figure out the best deal for our church.
I would highly recommend Al Kietzmann. He was easy to work with and found us a machine that meets our needs and fits in our budget.

Cindy Emerson
Admin Assistant
Real Hope Community Church
Lake Mills, WI


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