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Chuck Hornung

29 March, 2016

I became aware of Al Kietzmann’s consulting services several months ago. I recently required researching a replacement of one of the Village’s multi-purpose copiers and recalled Al’s business card advertising this consulting service. I contacted Al to discuss our need. We agreed on a contract to interview the users, identify the specifications, and provide a list of vendors to contact for quotes. During our initial discussion, I was impressed with his knowledge of the topic and his opinion as to what to be aware of. He was very prompt on meeting with staff to develop the list of specifications and quickly returned a document of specifications from the interview. After collecting the returned quotes from the vendors, I forwarded the quotes to Al. Here again, Al was quick to return a very thorough analysis of the quotes along with a recommendation.May 7, 2015

Al was very easy to work with and I was very satisfied with the results. I felt I received every bit of the value of the contract. By going through this process, the Village received the best value for our needs.


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