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City of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

30 April, 2019

“The City of Fond du Lac recently worked with Al Kietzmann on a project to replace 6 copiers as well as negotiate for managed print services. Al was great to work with – he analyzed our current spend for copiers and printers, put together our request for proposals, gathered the data from vendors, laid everything out for us in a clear manner, and kept us continually in the loop. Best of all, he understands all of the hidden items in copier leases and maintenance agreements and speaks the language of the salesmen. With Al’s assistance, the City of Fond du Lac is projecting to save over 21% over the term of our new leases. To us, that’s testimony of how much is built into lease and maintenance agreements to the benefit of the vendor and not the customer!”

Tricia Davi, Deputy Comptroller/Treasurer
Josh Musack, Purchasing Manger City of Fond du Lac


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