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So, the vendor says they “saved you money” but did they?

We hear it all the time and even read or watch videos the vendor creates stating they saved so and so tons of money.  Did they really?  How can one truly tell?

It seems catchy and exciting when the vendor says they saved their clients time & money but in all likelihood the data and metrics they’re comparing doesn’t reveal the totality of the raw data.  Sad, but often, if not always true.

The only way to confidently know if a seller saved the totality of what they claim is to:


Define your costs on your own –never give your contract or its data to any vendor!

Understand your needs, wants and preferences independent of the vendor

Author your own customized RFP (request for proposal – our RFP has 70+ questions) and

Evaluate the market absent of any outside seller interested parties.


If you want to truly know if you saved all the money you possibly can then having a subject matter specialist with industry training and experience sit on your side of the table guiding you though the buying and negotiating process is a worthy exercise.

If your vendor claims they saved you money on your current contract contact us at info@copierconsultingllc.com for a complimentary assessment of your current agreement.