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Podcast Interview ~ a Copier Buyer Focused Message

4 February, 2022 Consumers and Copier Buyers

There’s more to copier lease contracts than many are aware of. In this podcast interview Copier Consulting, LLC™ president and founder Al Kietzmann is interviewed by Aaron Armstrong of The Venture Project.

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  • Copier Consulting, LLC™ is truly an independent and vendor neutral consulting firm.
  • Al has 27 years experience and training in the copier industry both as the seller and buyer advocate.
  • They only work for the copier buyer and do NOT sell or service floor standing copiers or desktop print devices.
Time Stamps
0:30 Introduction – Subject matter specialist
2:27 Financing formula discussion
2:47 15 year old copier
3:20 No truth in lending disclosure requirement
3:35 Residual component in copier leases
4:14 LEAN consideration
5:07 Original contract signer no longer around
6:10 Biggest wins!
9:05 Municipality savings
9:34 Historical savings
10:07 For Profit Saved $19,000 on 1 copier!
14:29 Omissions
16:33 Cost creep & price escalators
17:06 Core Values from my Dad
18:35 Testimony for Wisconsin AB684/SB580
20:51 No vendor watchdog
22:11 Predictable metrics
22:28 Annual print spend 1%-3% of annual revenue
24:50 What’s the big problem?
25:39 How we operate
26:36 $6,000 refund for our client
27:50 Why this podcast | Transparency | Proprietary process
28:27 Exclusive to floor standing copier & desktop print devices
28:58 Buyer considerations-red flag question
30:18 Our Value Proposition
30:58 9%-22% Historical interest rate discoveries
31:30 Why financing maintenance is costly
33:30 For new buyers and beginners – what’s next?
37:14 Tips on buying a new desktop printer
41:43 Heads up small business owners!
42:55 1. Free assessment 2. Services offered
45:00 What’s your budget vs. Raw data and other annoying questions
47:43 What’s the solution?
49:12 We do this every day
50:02 Other expense reduction affiliates
51:52 “Ton of value”
53:30 Closing comments – Thank you!