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Copier Lease Explainer Video – click here

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It is very important to note that the scenarios explained in this video are nearly identical to many of our previous cases.  Industry and quantity of devices has NOT mattered.


In this short 7:27 minute video Al Kietzmann, President of Copier Consulting, LLC™ walks through a very common copier lease.  This example is from a church in Wisconsin and is for one (1) color copier/printer MFP.

It is intended for our buyer audience and prospective clients alike and is based on his industry sales training and our buyer advocacy work of over 27 years.

If you find yourself thinking this sounds like me or resembles your organization’s copier lease(s) and you would like to learn how to improve your copier vendor agreement and discover cost reduction possibilities please reach out to Al directly at al@copierconsultingllc.com and schedule a complimentary assessment call.