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Equipment, service and supplies – there really are only 3 costs!

12 April, 2016 Our Community

Many times our clients find the process of reviewing existing contracts, researching new options and negotiating copier and printer contracts daunting, frustrating and overwhelming. So if you feel that way you’re not alone.
Since there are only 3 cost components per device one should resolve themself to defining their own needs and seek proposals that clearly address answers to your questions regarding make, models, feature and benefits with a very simple mechanism to know the bottom line cost.
Since this industry is unregulated the buyer often is under educated, under informed and left to interpret much of the information including pricing!
We have a process to make this easier, more satisfying and revealing for you – the buyer.
A.R.E. Process accomplishes what many organizations want to know in less time and effort while discovering financial savings.
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