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Copier vendor leasing or alternate financing?

13 July, 2016 Copier and Printer

You do have options!  Remain in control of your office equipment contracts!  Copier vendor channel Fair Market Value (FMV) leases are super great – for the SELLER!  Discover alternate financing options so you can remain in control of future contracts.

Traditional copier leasing or FMV, “Straight leases” or “Customer for Life” leases often control you, the buyer and make it more difficult to get information in the future on your options the next time you lease.

What would you rather finance your copier at 10% – 20%+ under copier dealer FMV or 4.75% – 6.49% somewhere else?  Don’t fall in to the sales trap of buying on payment, convenience or service/supply bundling, or worse yet “that’s the way we’ve always done it” mindset!  Learn how to avoid “copier cost creep”.

Do you like 36, 48 or 60 month terms?  Zero advance payments?  Transparency and full disclosure borrowing processes?  You can have them!  If your vendor tells you they only lease or don’t offer to buy then shop elsewhere!

Copier Consulting, LLC doesn’t stop here!  We’ll work with you, the buyer and find many more areas you should be aware of resulting in reduction in your spend while positioning you best throughout the current term and future ones!

Want to know details, facts and the truth about copier leasing contact us?  We’re independent, unbiased and vendor-neutral. We don’t sell or service copiers or printers.  We work for the buyer and not for the seller!

Contact us today if you are within 12-15 months of your EOL (end of lease)!  Email info@copierconsultingllc.com to discuss further buyer control mechanisms!