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Copier Leasing – The ABCs of Copier Negotiations

Ever wonder if leasing a copier is really for your benefit as the buyer or if it’s really for the seller’s?  Well after 28 years of selling copiers and consulting for the buyer it will likely be argued that it benefits both parties.  But….

It’s really quite simple however since the copier industry is not regulated the vendor’s are not required to fully disclose how it works.

Simply put the formula is principal x financing rate factor = monthly payment.

This is based on term length and residual percentages built in to the rate factor.  Sounds simple enough but:

  • What’s the principal?
  • What’s the original loan amount being financed?
  • What is the rate factor?
  • What is this residual thing? How does that work?
  • What terms are you allowed to choose from?
  • What is Fair Market Value really?

These are questions and arguably suitable questions every buyer should be asking their vendor and/or sales rep for clarity and full disclosure.

Copier Consulting, LLC™ exists to ensure you, the copier buyer, do in fact have the ABC’s of copier leasing:

A. Copier leasing understood independent of the seller while remaining vendor-neutral & unbiased

B. Awareness of the plethora of questions for the seller (40+ – are you asking that many?)

C. A mechanism for appropriate vendor comparison