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Complacency in the Work Place – Is it Real?

Complacency Deserves a Place on OSHAs Top 10 – Ray Prest – SafeStart ~ Click here to read article

Recently I’ve been reading a lot of articles and information about people in the work place that remain overworked, exhausted, fatigued and in some way complacent in their ‘on the job’ duties.

A quick Google search can reveal so much it can be daunting.  One of the first page links strikes me as real.  It states:

How busy is the average American?

According to the results of the study, Americans are so busy and on-the-go, they only have four hours and 26 minutes of free time a week, with four in ten Americans saying they actually have less. 

Source: https://swnsdigital.com/us/2019/03/average-american-putting-off-14-things-on-their-to-do-list/

So 40% of Americans have less than 4 hours and 26 minutes of free time each week?

Additionally I came across an article written by Ray Prest, Director of Marketing at SafeStart, a safety company focused on human factors solutions that reduce preventable death and injuries on and off the job.

A columnist for Safety Decisions since 2015, Ray’s been helping people learn about safety and training for over 20 years. Read more at safestart.com/ray.

With Ray’s permission I would like to share his observations with you.  In short his article speaks to “the fact is that injuries, big or small, are difficult to prevent with compliance alone as they are largely the result of worker actions—usually fueled by complacency and other human factors like rushing, frustration, and fatigue—that lead to inattention and unintentional errors.

There’s complacency again…inattention and/or unintentional errors.  “A feeling of quiet pleasure or security, often while unaware of some potential danger.”

At Copier Consulting, LLC we see a very similar issue with copier buyers especially those who never worked in that industry.  When they are thrown in to the copier lease negotiations they often are at the mercy of what the seller tells them…often we find the buyer overwhelmed, frustrated and left with a feeling they don’t really like while wishing they knew what questions to ask.

We find complacency leads to vulnerabilities.

Recently, we experienced that first hand with a client in the manufacturing space.  It was difficult for them to believe how much their current lease and maintenance agreement cost them.  We provided the necessary guidance, education and procurement training for this copier buyer.  At close of project we delivered $74,000+ in real savings, including contractual improvements and wasted spend eliminated!

Although not a physical injury it could be argued it was a financial one.  It pays to not be complacent!

Author:  Al Kietzmann is President and Founder of Copier Consulting, LLC™