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Attention Churches – a $5,995 Invoice Error!

It’s a good time to review your copier contracts!  This week we were invited back by a church to look through their current copier lease contract, service agreement and related invoices.  Members of the church felt the copier was not affordable and too expensive.  Turns out their hunch was correct!

Prior to Covid we were able to meet with this Pastor and Office Manager.  It was evident their contract was heavily written for the benefit of the vendor but the overall timing was best that we wait until fall of this year.

  • During our follow up in September we discovered an obvious over charge on their invoices for the services the vendor provides.
  • They have 1 copier. It amounted to $5,995.00 over the course of the first three years of a 5 year term.  This overcharge might very well have been an honest mistake.  Regardless it occurred.
  • In addition to this invoice error we compared their lease and repair rates to others in our system and found it to be higher than others in their market.

If you are a member of a church, the pastor, office manager, on your church board or a trustee looking for ways to save money and improve your budget please contact us at info@copierconsultingllc.com

We’ll be happy to provide a complimentary assessment of your contract.

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